75th Anniversary

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In 2016, the CYC celebrated its 75th Anniversary. We put out a call for current and former CYC players, coaches, officials, and fans to send us their favorite memories and photos. Below is a sampling of what we received!

My Favorite CYC Memory

Tell us what moment stands out during your CYC career, as a player, coach, official or even as a fan.  Was it a special game?  Was it a specific play?  Was it people you met or relationships you formed?  Let us know.

  • 7/28/2007 City-County Baseball tournament at Our Lady of Loretto.  First round of the Interemediate-Open bracket.  Queen of All Saints defeated St. Joan of Arc 6-4 in 15 innings.  Game lasted 3 hours and 25 minutes.  I umped the bases while my brother, Joe, had the plate.  (I still have the game ball)  **Special Note: this game would have gone the regulation 7 innings with St. Joan of Arc winning because a QAS player hit a solo HR late in regulation, but missed 2nd base.  SJA appealed him missing 3rd base (which he touched) instead of 2nd.
  • 8/3/2003 City-County Baseball tournament at St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  Cadet- Open.  St Blaise (visitors) outlasted St. Genevieve (home) by the score of 21-20.  Game lasted 3 hours, 37 minutes.  I had the plate and legendary Scott Gaylord had the bases.  (Again I kept the game ball.)
  • The many times, particularly during City-County playoffs, coaches or fans seeking me and my partner out to tell us how impressed they were with our professionalism, poise and game calling (even when they lost!).  For all the negative things officials hear (myself included), it makes me feel proud when I hear "Can I have you for ALL our games?  Who can I call to make that happen?"  and "When I see you walking down to the field, I know we're in good hands."
  • The unexpected moments to catch up with people from your past.  Most recently in 2015 I umped St. Gabriel (managed by Tim Curdt - my high school wrestling coach from 15 years ago).  I've also umped teams managed by folks that know or have worked with my dad (an electrician) and mom (Catholic School teacher).  Small moments like that demonstrate how "small" the Archdiocese actually is!              (Jim Pagano)
  • I moved back to St. Louis after graduating from BC in 1984. I was single, living at home and didn’t really have much else going on. It was later that year when my oldest sister Pat (RIP) approached me about coaching two of my nephew’s soccer teams. It was a club that didn’t want parents coaching and it was a couple of nights a week along with weekend games. Hell, they even offered to pay me.
    I took on the task along with a fellow Griffin (Mike Gallo) and we (and a few others along the way) coached four age levels for the next ten or so years. It was then that my oldest son (Jared) was old enough to play sports at SHF and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to coach him. It began with Jared, and then there were four more behind him. 
    Fast-forward 30+ years and tonight I coached Janie’s last grade school game (McMahon Tournament) to an exciting overtime victory. After the game I was thanking the girls for allowing me to be along for their journey and for making this year a lot of fun for this old guy. As I was wrapping up, I made eye contact with Janie and she was crying. Well, it didn’t take long for this guy to shed a few himself followed up with a hug.

    Looking back, there are so many coaches that I either worked with or competed against along the way that bring back countless memories. Mike Gallo, John Renaud, Nick Verzino, Tom Schiller, Tim Cochran, Bill Lampe, Mike James, Tim Ladd, Dan Anderson, Jim Luzecky, Bob Goeddel, Frank Bertarelli, Mike Schultz, Keith Walsh, Pat Conroy, Mark Thomas, Steve Deposki and Mike Ederer just to get the list rolling. 

    Very memorable games against Pat Miller, Vince Miller, Randy Weber (RIP), Tom Brotherton, Gery Gorla, Tom Schaller, Dan Murphy, Mike Hartman, Steve Malle, Clyde Woolbright, Jeff Messer, Kevin McArthy, Bill Fechter, Rick Baker, Steve Young, Ed Bozesky and Steve Schubert just to name a few. 
    Some of the memorable kids along the way: Matt Cochran, Dan James, Jack Twellman, Danny Baker, Patrick Barry, Alex Brewer, Satchel Conroy, Tim Cooney, Angela Deposki, Natalie Erbs, Mia Fields, Maia Ford, Tyler Garner, Joey Gorla, Joe Galen, Jake Harris, Joe P, Joey Rearden, Keegan Walsh, Nick Ladd, Caroline Leigh, Mark Lewis, Matt Lewis, JP Lewis, Sean McVey, Patrick McVey, Matt Miller, Scott Milles, Angie Mulita, Maddie O’Toole, Michael Peek, and Katie Schultz. 

    Then there were some great kids and families that we traveled with: Maurice Burns (Trey), Kevin Brewer (Al), John Cooney (Tim), Jim Jenkins(Eric), Mac Moore (Macpherson), Jason Meehan, Derick Dillworth, Jeff Messer (Michael), Keonte Minor, Terrell Ramey, Donald Schumpert, Steve Volker (Jack), Henry Williams Jr, Bryton Hobbs and Wendel Crowder.

    I hesitated to make a list because I know that it is incomplete on many levels. With that, I can’t forget the most memorable people that were a much bigger part of the journey. Special thanks go to Jared, Jacob, Grace, Jason, Janie, and Melanie for allowing me to be along for the ride. Thanks for the memories… (John Fechter, Seven Holy Founders)

One Liners

Share a one line quote you remember a fellow player, a coach, a fan saying.  Something that has stuck with you since you heard it.

  • I had the plate with umpiring legend, Bob Waeltermann, on the bases.  He was especially fond of my strike zone this day and he says to me, "You're painting a Picasso."   (Jim Pagano)
  • While I was coaching practice for a 5th grade girl's volleyball team, we were doing a variety of drills.  One girl was not particarly fond of drills, she preferred to scrimmaging the whole practice.  Finally she asked me, "Coach when are we going to scripture?"  (Buzz Swanston)

Photo Album

What's a scrapbook without pictures.  Everybody loves photos: old, new, team, individual, action shot, crowd shot. 


Thanks to Therese Nauman Kirchmer for the following photos from the 50s & 60s at Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi Baseball at Penrose Park early 50s     Corpus Christi Baseball team early 60s

            Corpus Christi Baseball mid 60s                             Corpus Christi Basketball early 60s


                                 Nauman brothers ready of their Corpus Christi soccer game 1956