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 The 2013 CYC Lacrosse season will begin March16th with the largest number of players yet.  The leagues will conclude on Saturday, May 18th.

The boys program started in 2008 with 2 teams.  This year we expect to have 8 teams and over 175 players.  The boys play their games on Saturday mornings on the grass field at DeSmet HS.  We want to thank DeSmet HS for allowing us to use their field.

The girls program started in 2009 as an intramural event, with 50 girls signing up.  This year we anticipate over 150 girls playing!  We have enough girls to divide into younger (5th & 6th grade) league and an older (7th and 8th grade) league.  The girls games on Saturday mornings at the Meyer Youth Center in South St. Louis.

If you are interested in playing lacrosse this Spring, 1st - contact your parish to see if they will field a team.  If your parish does not have a team, 2nd - please contact Buzz Swanston at  We will find the closest team that needs players to give you an opportunity to experience this fast growing sport.  Sign-up before February 15th!


Girls CYC Lacrosse FINAL Results  as of 5-21-12   Boys CYC Lacrosse FINAL Results 

Dave Myers of Images...Today and Beyond LLC took the action shots below.  To view his entire gallery and order any photos CLICK HERE.


2011 CYC LAX

2011 will be the third season for the CYC lacrosse program.  The program continues to grow each year.  What started as 2 boys teams has now expanded to 4 boys and 4 girls teams, with over 200 boys and girls playing CYC LAX this spring.  The program begins Saturday March 19th and will conclude Saturday May 14th.  To view the 2011 schedules please click on the links below:

Girls 2011 Lacrosse Schedule & Results - updated 5-18-11 Final

Boys 2011 Lacrosse Schedule & Results - updated 5-27-11 Final


To view additional Girls and Boys Lacrosse Photos click here

2010 CYC LAX




The CYC Lacrosse season started Saturday April 10th.  There are two different programs in action.  The girls program has been structured as an instructional-intramural program.  Forty-five 5th through 8th grade girls get together every Saturday morning from 8am - 10am at St. Gerard Majella for instruction and games.  The instruction is being given by players on the Ursuline Lacrosse team, along with some CYC parents who have taught lacrosse in the past.  The girls are very enthusiastic and eager to learn a new sport.  We thank the Ursuline coach, Dr. Judy Anderson and her girls for helping grow the sport of lacrosse through the CYC.  We hope this program turns into parish teams for girls in the near future.



The boys have 4 parish teams playing lacrosse in the CYC league this year.  The teams are: St. Paul, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Immacolata and St. Gerard.  The boys started league play on April 10th and will play every Saturday morning at either 9:00am or 10:15am at the Meyer Youth Center.  Click here to see the 2010 Boys Lacrosse Schedule. 

To view a gallery of 2010 CYC Lacrosse images, click here.

2010 CYC Lacrosse Season Summary 

The CYC Lacrosse season began in mid-April with 4 boys teams, about 80 players altogether.  After a few rainouts, the season concluded on June 12th at the Meyer Youth Center (MYC).  The final game of the season matched the 1st and 2nd place teams.  St. Gerard preserved their perfect record (7-0) with an 8 to 3 victory over St. Paul.  Although the game was closer than the score might indicate, the most impressive aspect of the game was how far all these boys have progressed in their lacrosse skills.  This final game had very little resemblance to the first game of the year.  No only have the players individual skills improved greatly, but their knowledge of the game was evident with their team play.  There was a good crowd on hand Saturday morning to enjoy the game.

The CYC Girls Lacrosse program operated under an intramural structure this year, to help introduce the girls to lacrosse and yet offer them a chance to play other opponents.  We had 45 girls start in mid April, but that number dwindled as the rainouts mounted and school let out for the summer.  Those that stuck with it improved their throwing and catching and were starting to grasp the principals of offense and defense.

We hope to expand the program again next spring.  We hope to have more boys teams in the league, and would love to advance from an intramural program for the girls into a regular league situation.  So if you are interested in playing, coaching or managing a parish LAX team, please contact Buzz Swanston at 314 353-8911 ext. 13, or e-mail him at .